Programs for Schools, Educators, and Community Organizations

Programs for Schools, Educators, and Community Organizations

The heart of the JBFC’s education mission is to develop pre-K through grade 12 curricula that will help students cultivate the skills to succeed in the visually, digitally, and globally connected 21st century. We offer field trips to the Media Arts Lab and JBFC Theater, artist residencies, and professional development. Each year, the JBFC partners with hundreds of schools and serves nearly 12,000 students.
We provide curricula that enrich, support, propel, and integrate visual and aural literacy in diverse learning environments. These programs bring meaning, making, and analysis together in formal and informal settings through discussion, critical observation, and participation. Both process and project-based, our programs foster insight, appreciation, conceptualization, and invention in students of all ages. 
"Through our partnership with the JBFC, our sixth and seventh graders learned how to read visual text critically by assessing the credibility, accuracy, and value of information presented to them in images. Students then used what they learned to make original films. The sixth graders created narrative films about their lives, and the seventh graders made public service announcements around issues that affect their communities. It was a spectacular experience for all.”
 Joyce Chapnick, Assistant Principal,
Irvington Middle School

The heart of the JBFC’s education mission is to design curricula for pre-K through grade 12 that will help students master the skills to succeed in the digitally and globally connected 21st century. Education programs include field trips to the Media Arts Lab and JBFC Theater, classroom curricula, artist residencies, and professional development. More Info... 

Pre-K - Grade 2: Seeing Stories
Grade 3: See Hear Feel Film
Grade 4: Minds In Motion
Grades 5 - 12: Classroom to Screening Room
Grades 5 - 12: Reel Change
Grades 5 - 12: Digital Storytelling


In addition to providing teacher training that is built into the curriculum-based programs, the JBFC offers many opportunities for professional development. These programs give educators creative and technical experience with digital media as well as guidance on their application in the classroom. Scholarships are available for every course. More Info... 

Global Watch for Educators
Teaching and Technology in the Digital Age
Summer Teachers Institue
Staff Development Days 


Many of the JBFC curricula for school groups are also available for organizations and social service agencies working with underserved and at-risk youth. Partners have included after-school programs, residential treatment centers, therapeutic schools, programs for developmentally delayed young adults, homeless shelters, and the Westchester County Jail. The JBFC will waive the participation fee and reimburse all transportation costs for organizations with demonstrated financial need. More Info...

Grades 4-8: Minds in Motion
Grades 5-12:Reel Change
Grades 5-12: Digital Storytelling
Grades 5-12: Classroom to Screening Room