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Schedule for Wednesday, September 17



New Releases

Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is a good priest who is faced with sinister and troubling circumstances. Although he continues to comfort others with their various scurrilous moral - and often comic - problems, he feels sinister and troubling forces closing in, and begins to wonder if he will have the courage to face his own personal Calvary. Also starring: Kelly Reilly and Chris O'Dowd.

John Michael McDonagh. 2014. 100 m. R. Ireland/UK. Fox Searchlight.

3:00 PM   5:05 PM  



New Releases

"... [I]t's almost Joycean in its appreciation of the scruffy magic of everyday life." (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly)

Filmed over 12 years, Richard Linklater's latest is a groundbreaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of Mason (a breakthrough performance by Ellar Coltrane). Starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason's parents and newcomer Lorelei Linklater as his sister Samantha, Boyhood is a nostalgic time capsule of the recent past and impossible to watch without thinking about one's own journey through life.

New York Times review

Richard Linklater. 2014. 165 m. R. USA. IFC Films.

3:15 PM   6:30 PM   9:45 PM  


A Master Builder

New Releases

"Jonathan Demme makes loving sport of the trust his actors have clearly placed in him, erecting for them a monument to the joys and terrors of walking an emotional high wire." (Slant Magazine)

Jonathan Demme’s brilliant A Master Builder was adapted from Ibsen's play by Andre Gregory and written by Wallace Shawn (My Dinner with AndreVanya on 42nd Street), who both also star in the film. Halvard Solness (Shawn), is a very successful architect, who exercises tight control over his wife, his employees, and his mistress. When Hilde (Lisa Joyce), a mysterious young woman comes to visit, the once dominating, controlling and narcissistic Solness finds himself apparently revived in every possible way.

Jonathan Demme. 2014. 110 m. NR. USA. Abramorama.

4:00 PM   6:40 PM   9:20 PM  


Rock the Casbah (2013)

ANA: Contemporary Arab Cinema

OPENING NIGHT! With a powerhouse cast, including a cameo by Omar Sharif, Rock the Casbah is an engaging, bittersweet comedy about a family—mostly women—gathered in the patriarch’s villa to mourn his death. Sparks fly as they come to terms with the past and the challenges facing upper-class women torn between Muslim traditions and Western influences today.

RECEPTION at the Media Arts Lab. Wine generously donated by:

Laïla Marrakchi. 2013. 100 m. NR. France/Morocco, Arabic/English/French. Pathé.

7:30 PM  

 Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)


The Trip to Italy

New Releases

"Coogan, Brydon and Winterbottom journey to the Mediterranean in this warmly enjoyable continuation of their improvised cultural and culinary adventures." (Scott Foundas, Variety)

In this witty follow-up to the 2010 film, The Trip, Michael Winterbottom reunites Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (playing semi-fictionalized versions of themselves) for a new culinary road trip, this time a grand tour of Italy. Enjoy the idyllic Italian landscape, from Liguria to Capri, gastronomic treasures and the crackling chemistry between two of Britain's top comedians. The Trip to Italy is a biting portrait of modern-day masculinity that will make your mouth water. 

Variety review

Michael Winterbottom. 2014. 108 m. R. UK. IFC Films.

9:55 PM