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Duck Soup

Duck Soup

It’s a free-for-all when the dictator of the country of Fredonia, Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho), eager to declare war on neighboring Sylvania, destroys all hopes for diplomacy. Duck Soup is widely considered the Marx Brothers’ best work, and not only for its spectacular musical spoofs and brilliantly edited final battle scene. Chico and Harpo are hilarious as spies, and Groucho and Harpo’s pantomime as mirror images may be the most graceful portrayal of identity crisis in the history of cinema.

Leo McCarey. 1933. 68 m. NR. US. Universal Pictures.

Sat. Aug 30  2:30 PM
Sun. Aug 31  2:30 PM
Mon. Sept 1  12:00 PM

Community Matters: Ivory Tower

Community Matters: Ivory Tower

As tuition rates spiral beyond reach and student loan debt passes $1 trillion—more than credit card debt—Ivory Tower asks: Is college worth the cost? Ranging from the halls of Harvard to public colleges in financial crisis to Silicon Valley, this is an urgent portrait of a great American institution at the breaking point. 

PANEL DISCUSSION with Purchase College President Thomas Schwarz, Manhattanville College President Jon Strauss, and Westchester Community Foundation Program Officer Laura Rossi. Join us for a RECEPTION at the Media Arts Lab after the discussion. 

Community Matters is a series dedicated to generating discussion and activism around topics that affect us locally, including health, environment, education, housing, and energy. Sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation.

Andrew Rossi. 2014. 90 m. NR. USA. Samuel Goldwyn.

Thurs. Sept 4  7:30 PM

Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)
Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted

For the Whole Family! This gorgeous new animated fable from Japan is about two kids separated by opposite gravities. One, a student, is rooted to the ground the way we are. The other, an orphan in an underground society, “falls up” to the surface. This entertaining and often funny sci-fi adventure is right for all but the smallest children. • In English: Sept. 13, noon & Sept. 20, 2:30. In Japanese with subtitles: Sept. 14, 2:30 & Sept. 21, noon. 

Yasuhiro Yoshiura. 2013. 99 m. NR. Japan, English/Japanese. GKids.

Sat. Sept 13  12:00 PM
Sun. Sept 14  2:30 PM
Sat. Sept 20  2:30 PM
Sun. Sept 21  12:00 PM