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The Oscar

The Oscar

"The Oscar is my guiltiest of movie pleasures. I have seen it at various times over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how deeply fun and gratifying this inarguably “bad” movie can be." (Jonathan Demme)

"I do know why it is so much fun, at least for movie buffs like me and the “rarely seen” crowd — it’s a movie-movie-movie-movie about MOVIES and ACTORS and it has such a dazzling 60s style “almost” cast — Stephen Boyd, Tony Bennett (in his profoundly ill-conceived screen debut), Elke Sommer, Jill St. John, Milton Berle, Peter Lawford, Ernest Borgnine, and many more— it’s the B-list dream team of all time. The story is an epic Hollywood career journey for Frankie Fane (Boyd), played with stunning — and riveting — SINCERITY by Boyd and all-concerned. I’m so excited to be screening The Oscar at the Burns ONE WEEK BEFORE THIS YEAR’S CEREMONY — eek!  What a warm-up for those who tune in to the telecast!"--Jonathan Demme

Russell Rouse. 1966. 119 m. PG. USA.

Sun. Feb 15   5:00 PM

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