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Inside the New Yorker Cartoon with editor Bob Mankoff

"Frameworks: Art on Film"


How often have you looked at a New Yorker cartoon and wondered how in the world someone came up with it? Here’s a chance to get your questions answered and learn about the inside workings of the magazine’s fabled “idea drawings.” Join us for a fun-filled evening with Bob Mankoff as he delves into the nature of humor and how it translates to the page. Click here to enter the JBFC’s own caption contest featuring the original cartoon by Mankoff himself!

Q&A Bob Mankoff submitted more than 500 cartoons before his first was published in The New Yorker in 1977. Since then, more than 800 have appeared in the magazine. Cartoon editor since 1997, he created The New Yorker’s popular caption contest.

Get a leg up on the competition! Mankoff’s new memoir, How About Never—Is Never Good for You? My Life in Cartoons, will be available for sale in our lobby and at the Village Bookstore starting in the weeks before the event. Mankoff will sign books that night.

n/a. 2014. 90 m. NR. .

Thurs. Apr 24  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

"World Stage on Screen"

Kevin Spacey, Sam Mendes and the Bridge Project Company go on the road in NOW: in the Wings on a World Stage. In over 200 performances, and across 3 continents, Kevin and the troupe reveal some of the most intimate moments behind the scenes of their staging of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, "Richard III." Their story and experiences weave around, and reflect on, excerpts from the play from their various locations, from Epidaurus to Doha, and provides a great opportunity for those who have never experienced Spacey on stage to witness his immersive and captivating interpretation of Richard III. Now chronicles the first collaboration between Spacey and Mendes since both won Academy Awards for their work on American Beauty.

Jeremy Whelehan. 2014. 93 m. NR. . Abramorama.

Wed. Apr 30  7:30 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)

NT Live: King Lear

"World Stage on Screen"

Academy Award–winner Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty) directs Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) as the aged king who decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters according to their eloquence in proclaiming their love for him. This highly anticipated production of the great tragedy is Mendes and Beale’s seventh Shakespearean collaboration since 1990.

Sam Mendes. 2014. NR. UK . BYexperience.

Thurs. May 1  2:00 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)


"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "

Opening night of Classic French Cinema 1950-59!

This thriller about a murder and a disappearing corpse confirmed director Henri-Georges Clouzot’s reputation for delivering wicked entertainment that could out-Hitchcock the portly English master himself. A pair of schoolteachers (Simone Signoret and Vera Clouzot) conspire to off their headmaster, an abusive lout who is husband to one and paramour to the other. Their plan seems to have been successful...until the body vanishes. 

May 2, 7:15: OPENING NIGHT with Film, Food, and Wine! Join us upstairs in the Jane Peck Gallery for a postscreening celebration featuring a French wine and food tasting menu. Wine generously donated by Wine Enthusiast. Tasting menu catered by Jean-Jacques’ Culinary Creations

Henri-Georges Clouzot. 1955. 114 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Janus Films.

Fri. May 2  7:15 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

The Freshman

"Lloyd's films are prose where Keaton's were poems, but gag for gag, Lloyd was the funniest screen comic of his time." (Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader)

Family Film!

This gleeful silent comedy stars the great Harold Lloyd as a wannabe big man on campus and features one of the most famous sports sequences ever filmed. Lloyd’s slapstick brilliance shines in a new 4K digital transfer from a 1998 restoration.

Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor. 1925. 76 m. NR. USA , Silent. Janus Films.

Sat. May 3  2:30 PM
Sun. May 4  12:30 PM
Sat. May 10  2:30 PM
Sun. May 11  12:30 PM

N Is A Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös

"Science on Screen"

With mathemagician Ron Graham!

A man with no home and no job, Paul Erdös (1913–1996) was the most prolific mathematician who ever lived. Establishing himself at the age of 20, Erdös published over 1500 papers and pioneered several fields in theoretical mathematics. This movie captures the quirky genius who spent most of his time wandering, “like a bumblebee,” carrying news and mathematical information from university to university. 

Q&A and MATH PARTY with Ron Graham, Joel Spencer and Glen Whitney. Former circus performer, past president of the International Jugglers’ Association, and distinguished mathematician Ron Graham was one of Paul Erdös’ closest friends and colleagues. He is a computer science and engineering professor at UC San Diego and chief scientist at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Joel Spencer is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and is a combinatorialist who has worked on probabilistic methods in combinatorics and on Ramsey theory. He is currently a professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University. Glen Whitney is co-executive director and founder of MoMath, a museum dedicated to creating “a safe place to love math.”

After the discussion, join us upstairs in the Jane Peck Gallery where there will be games, interactive exhibits from MoMath, and pi(e) and other treats from Flour & Sun Bakery. 

Copresented with the National Museum of Mathematics

George Paul Csicsery. 1993. 57 m. NR. USA . N/A.

Mon. May 5  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

Voici le Temps des Assassins (Deadlier Than Male)

"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "


Director Duvivier reunites with Pépé le Moko star Jean Gabin as a renowned Parisian chef whose bustling restaurant plays host to government ministers, aristocrats, and gourmands of all stripes. When a beguiling beauty appears on his doorstep claiming to be the daughter of his estranged ex-wife, Gabin makes the mistake of offering sympathy and then his heart. This twisty, slow-burning thriller fueled by deception, infidelity, and murder is known in English as Deadlier than the Male.

FRENCH LANGUAGE NIGHT: Introduced en français by Delphine Selles-Alvarez, co-curator of the CinémaTuesdays program at FIAF, the Alliance Française, in New York City.

Free tickets available at the box office ONLY (in advance or the day of the screening) while tickets last.

Julien Duvivier. 1956. 114 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Institut Francais.

Wed. May 7  7:30 PM
Free tickets available exclusively at the box office.

Live from the JBFC with John Pizzarelli and the Swing Seven

"Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera 2014"

Opening night of Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera!

John Pizzarelli and the Swing Seven performs a live set of new material in a preview of their summer tour. This music-filled evening begins with special guest John Pizzarelli presenting video highlights of performances developed or recorded at the JBFC’s own Media Arts Lab studio. Included are the Swing Seven and the Konrad Paszkudzki Trio working out new arrangements, Jessica Molaskey and Pizzarelli at the Café Carlyle, and a memorable session with the great guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and NEA Jazz Master, songwriter, actor, and singer Annie Ross. 

RECEPTION Join us upstairs in the Jane Peck Gallery for food, drink, and merriment. Wine generously donated by Wine Enthusiast.

n/a. 90 m. NR. .

Thurs. May 8  7:30 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)

The Wages of Fear

"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "

"The excitement derives entirely from the awareness of nitroglycerine and the gingerly, breathless handling of it. You sit there waiting for the theatre to explode." (Bosley Crowther, New York Times)


Four desperate outcasts in a nowhere South American town take on a suicide mission: transporting a load of volatile nitroglycerin over rough roads and craggy mountains and into the jungle to a break in an oil pipe- line. Starring Yves Montand, this is Henri-Georges Clouzot’s crowning achievement, which is saying something for a filmmaker who made only masterpieces.

MAY 13, 7:00: Reel Talk with JBFC Programmer Andrew Jupin

Henri-Georges Clouzot. 1953. 147 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Janus Films.

New York Times review

Sun. May 11  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Touchez Pas au Grisbi

"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "

"Every filmmaker from Francois Truffaut to Quentin Tarantino owes something of a debt to Becker's black-and-white boldness." (Janice Page, Boston Globe)

His girl wants to go out dancing, his partner wants to pull off one last dangerous heist, and his enemies want to grab his loot—but all aging gangster Jean Gabin wants to do is go home, put on his pajamas, and enjoy some pâté. Jacques Becker’s masterpiece is a delightful mix of Parisian hedonism and machine-gun shootouts.

MAY 14, 7:30: Q&A Joe Queenan, author of three books about film, and “Moving Targets” columnist for the Wall Street Journal

Jacques Becker. 1954. 94 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Rialto Pictures.

Wed. May 14  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

ROH Live: Nabucco

"World Stage on Screen"

Verdi wrote, “With this opera, it can truly be said that my artistic career began.” Transporting his epic tale of warring Babylonians and Israelites to the 20th century, this imaginative production uses video projec- tions and an enormous chorus to explore themes of identity, exile, and religion.

Daniel Abbado. 2013. 170 m. NR. UK , Italian with subtitles. Screenvision.

Thurs. May 15  2:00 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $20 (nonmembers)

Community Matters: GMO OMG

“Illuminating and intentionally infuriating.” (Village Voice)

Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert wants to know about the effects of genetically modified food on our children and on our planet—and asks if there is any viable alternative to the current state of affairs. On a journey for answers, he travels far and wide, including a visit to agriculture giant Monsanto (where he is unceremoniously ejected). This provocative documentary asks: Has the global food system been irrevocably hijacked? 

Q&A Andrew Revkin with JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman. Andrew Revkin has been writing about environmental sustainability for more than three decades, mainly for the New York Times. He is the Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University.

Please join us at the Media Arts Lab (405 Manville Rd) for a RECEPTION with local, sustainable food from Table Local Market.

Community Matters: Local Issues, Discussion, Activism. Community Matters is a series dedicated to generating discussion and activism around topics that affect us locally, including health, environment, education, housing, and energy. The series is sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation.

Jeremy Seifert. 2013. 85 m. NR. Norway/USA/Haiti , English/French. Submarine Deluxe.

Thurs. May 15  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

Eyes Without a Face

"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "

"As absurd and as beautiful as a fairy tale." (Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader)

A tragedy with a horror film set-up: A desperate scientist wants to repair his daughter’s face, disfigured in an accident, and restore her beauty... but his experiments with facial reconstruction require living flesh, and that’s hard to come by. Director Georges Franju treats the lurid plot with a sensitivity and intelligence that elevates the material to a level of real beauty—it’s one of the defining films of the body-horror genre.

MAY 15, 7:35: Reel Talk with JBFC Programmer Christopher Funderburg

Georges Franju. 1959. 95 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Rialto Pictures.

Thurs. May 15  7:35 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Films from Purchase College

The Purchase College film program is one of the most renowned in the country. A full 85 percent of alumni—including Oscar-winner Chris Wedge, Hal Hartley, Alexander Koch, Abel Ferrara, and Nick Gomez, along with Times critic Manohla Dargis—are working in film and television, including at the JBFC.

In these two evenings—each a different program—we present the thesis films made by this year’s graduating class. The shorts run the gamut from thrilling to funny to moving to provocative.

Q&A graduating film majors and faculty

Various Directors. 2014. 120 m. NR. USA . N/A.

Mon. May 19  7:30 PM 1
Tues. May 20  7:30 PM 2
1Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)
2Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Casque d'Or

"Classic French Cinema 1950-59 "

"This elegant masterwork is a glowingly nostalgic evocation of the Paris of the Impressionists, focusing on the apache underworld and an ill-starred romance that ends on the scaffold, with an elusive density, a probing awareness of emotional complexities, which reminds one that Becker was once Renoir's assistant."(Tom Milne, Time Out

Director Jacques Becker and star Simone Signoret transport noir-ish fatalism to the Belle Epoque with striking results in this romantic tragedy based on the true story of a desperate bisexual prostitute. But Becker’s intentions are never lurid: the quiet beauty of an afternoon in a provincial church carries as much weight as the brutal back-alley stabbing that puts the plot in motion.

MAY 20, 7:35: Reel Talk with JBFC Programmer Christopher Funderburg

Jacques Becker. 1952. 94 m. NR. France , French with subtitles. Janus Films.

Tues. May 20  7:35 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Stop Making Sense

"Something Wild: The Films of Jonathan Demme"

Restored and remastered DCP!

Opening night of Something Wild: The Films of Jonathan Demme!

"...the film's visual style is as coolly iconoclastic as Talking Heads itself. Mr. Demme has captured both the look and the spirit of this live performance with a daring and precision that match the group's own." -- Janet Maslin, from her original New York Times review. 

7:15, Q&A and RECEPTIONNew York Times critic Janet Maslin will interview Jonathan Demme and David Byrne, followed by a reception at the Media Arts Lab.

Jonathan Demme. 1984. 88 m. NR. USA . Palm Pictures.

Wed. May 21  7:15 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)
SOLD OUT Unredeemed tickets may become available for purchase. Sign up at the box office for the stand-by line one hour before showtime. Tickets still available for the 10:00 pm show.

Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

NT Live: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

"World Stage on Screen"

See it before it hits Broadway!

This production, which moves to Broadway in the fall, won seven Olivier Awards, including Best New Play.The celebrated novel about a boy who is exceptional at math but ill-equipped to interpret everyday life has been imaginatively adapted into “a phenomenal combination of storytelling and spectacle” (The Times, London). 

Marianne Elliott. 2012. 180 m. NR. UK . BYexperience.

Thurs. May 22  1:00 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)

Remembering Marian McPartland with pianist Renee Rosnes

"Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera 2014"

“Marian’s generous musical spirit and wicked sense of humor are here for all to see and hear.” (Elvis Costello and Diana Krall) 

FILM: In Good Time: The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland. The brilliant musician/composer Marian McPartland (1918–2013) may be best known for hosting the long-running NPR program “Piano Jazz.” Born in the UK, she came to New York in 1948, quickly establishing herself in the male-dominated jazz world as a pianist with flying fingers and the musical wit to match. In Good Time finds McPartland at 93, reflecting on her life and still writing tunes, improvising, and performing with the likes of Billy Taylor, Renee Rosnes, and Dave Brubeck. • Huey. 2011. 85 m. NR. US. Films by Huey.

Q&A filmmaker Huey, pianist Renee Rosnes, and bassist Todd Coolman

PERFORMANCE Renee Rosnes will give a half-hour jazz piano performance accompanied by Todd Coolman on bass.

n/a. 115 m. NR. USA . N/A.

Thurs. May 29  7:30 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $25 (nonmembers)

Driving Miss Daisy

"World Stage on Screen"

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two of our greatest actors—James Earl Jones and Angela Lansbury—in one of the most popular stage plays of our time. This production of the story of an elderly Southern Jewish woman and her compassionate African-American chauffeur enjoyed sold-out runs on Broadway and in London’s West End.

David Esbjornson. 2013. 90 m. PG. Australia . Screenvision.

Wed. June 4  2:00 PM 1 7:00 PM 2
1Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)
2Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)

Ernest and Celestine

Family Film!

Nominated for the Best Animation Oscar, this sweet dreamlike story of an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse is a delightful, funny ode to happiness that everyone in the whole family will love.

JUNE 7: 2:30 • JUNE 15: 12:30: in French with subtitles
JUNE 8: 2:30 • JUNE 14, 2:30: in English

Benjamin Renner/Vincent Patar/Stephane Aubier. 2014. 80 m. PG. France/Belgium/Luxembourg , English/French with subtitles. GKids.

Sat. June 7  2:30 PM
Sun. June 8  2:30 PM
Sat. June 14  2:30 PM
Sun. June 15  12:30 PM

The Agronomist

"Something Wild: The Films of Jonathan Demme"

“Does what Lawrence of Arabia and The Leopard do: It traces the upheaval of a civilization in the profile of a magnificent individual. It’s a 90-minute nonfiction film with the impact and the greatness of an epic.” (Baltimore Sun

"... [A] fiercely heartbreaking film about the assassinated Haitian activist Jean Dominique, whom [Jonathan] Demme first met briefly in the mid-eighties while making Haiti: Dreams of Democracy and subsequently encountered in New York in the early nineties, when Dominique was in exile.... Dominique is so intensely theatrical and fearless that it’s completely understandable why corrupt Haitian regimes, from the Duvaliers to Aristide, considered him a threat.... After you see Dominique’s story, the present-day chaos and corruption in Haiti certainly come as no surprise; the miracle is that he stayed alive as long as he did. Free speech isn’t merely a shibboleth in The Agronomist. As embodied by Dominique, it’s a fire-breathing force."-- Peter Rainer, New York Magazine

Q&A Michèle Montas, renowned journalist and former spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Montas is the widow of Haitian activist Jean Dominique, the subject of the film.

Jonathan Demme. 2003. 90 m. PG-13. USA . N/A.

Wed. June 11  7:30 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

NT Live: A Small Family Business

"World Stage on Screen"

A riotous, razor-sharp exposure of entrepreneurial greed by Tony and Olivier Award–winning playwright Alan Ayckbourn (Bedroom Farce, The Norman Conquests), this is the story of Jack McCracken, who at least starts out as a man of principle in a corrupt world.

Run time includes intermission.

Adam Penford. 2014. 160 m. NR. UK . BYexperience.

Thurs. June 12  2:00 PM
Tickets: $20 (members), $30 (nonmembers)

The Bitter Tea of General Yen

“One of Capra’s finest pictures.” (Martin Scorsese) 

New DCP restoration! 

With introduction by Barbara Stanwyck biographer Victoria Wilson. In the midst of the Chinese Civil War, a beautiful American missionary (Barbara Stanwyck) gets tangled up with a Chinese warlord, and sparks fly. A subtle, passionate love story, this underappreciated drama by a young Frank Capra (It Happened One Night) is one of the first films to deal with interracial sexual attraction. 

After the screening, Victoria Wilson will sign copies of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907–1940. It is the first volume of the first full-scale biography of the actress, who appeared in 88 movies over four decades. Books sold by The Village Bookstore.

Frank Capra. 1933. 88 m. NR. USA , English/French/Mandarin. Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Wed. June 18  7:15 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

ROH Live: La traviata

"World Stage on Screen"

Combining drama, passion, tragedy, and unforgettable melodies, La Traviata is one of Verdi’s greatest and most popular operas, a tale of a courtesan who sacrifices all for love in 19th-century Paris.

Richard Eyre. 2014. 190 m. NR. UK , Italian with subtitles. Screenvision.

Thurs. June 19  1:00 PM
Tickets: $17.50 (members), $22.50 (nonmembers)

Eye on the Sixties: The Iconic Photography of Rowland Scherman

This gem of a documentary is an intimate portrait of famous LIFE photographer Rowland Scherman, an inside look at how he captured on film the essence of the 1960s, and a bit of a history lesson. With his candid recollections and seldom-seen views of celebrities, politicians, and historic events, we see through the eyes of the man who documented the Peace Corps, the Kennedys, the 1963 March on Washington, Woodstock, and more. Now in his 70s, Scherman remains an adventurous, inspiring, and creative soul.

Q&A filmmaker Chris Szwedo with Programming Director Brian Ackerman

Chris Szwedo. 2013. 89 m. USA . N/A.

Tues. June 24  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks

"Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera 2014"

For 35 years Vince Giordano has fronted his virtuosic big band—actually, he conducts, sings, and holds down the rhythm on string bass, tuba, and bass saxophone. Decked out in crisp tuxedos, the Nighthawks blast out the dance music that served as the soundtrack of American life from the 1920s through WWII. There’s a Future in the Past chronicles Vince’s efforts to find gigs, save vintage arrangements from the dumpster, catalog his 60,000 scores, and pick up side sessions to pay the rent. The filmmakers will present scenes from the film.

Q&A filmmakers Dave Davidson and Amber Edwards of Hudson West Productions, and bandleader Vince Giordano

PERFORMANCE Grammy-winner Vince Giordano and the mini-Nighthawks will play a set of hot jazz and big band music of Boardwalk Empire’s prohibition era.

Dave Davidson. 90 m. NR. USA . N/A.

Wed. June 25  7:45 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $25 (nonmembers)

Community Matters: Alive Inside

“The philosopher Kant once called music ‘the quickening art’.” (Oliver Sacks)

Winner: Audience Award at Sundance!

When social worker Dan Cohen brought iPods to a nursing home, he witnessed a miracle: Even some of the most unresponsive dementia patients “awakened” when listening to music from their past. With renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks providing context, this is a groundbreaking, moving investigation into the mysterious way music functions in our brains.

Q&A Check back for details on panel participants

Please join us at the Media Arts Lab (405 Manville Rd) for a RECEPTION with local, sustainable food from Table Local Market.

Community Matters: Local Issues, Discussion, Activism. Community Matters is a series dedicated to generating discussion and activism around topics that affect us locally, including health, environment, education, housing, and energy. The series is sponsored by the Westchester Community Foundation

Michael Rossato-Bennett. 2014. 73 m. NR. USA . Mtuckman Media.

Thurs. June 26  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)