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Schedule for Tuesday, March 27


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

New Releases

“A very clever tale of modern ecoissues intertwined with old-style political intrigues and New Age romance.” (LA Times)

The latest from director Lasse Hallström (Chocolat, My Life as a Dog) and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) has been producing standing ovations at festivals. It’s a quick-witted comedy about a wealthy sheik who wants to bring sport fishing to his desert country—and he just may be able to pull it off, with the help of a beautiful consultant (Emily Blunt) and a stuffy but adorable scientist (Ewan McGregor).

Official Website / Trailer | LA Times review

Lasse Hallström. 2011. 112 m. PG-13. UK. CBS Films.

2:25 PM 5:05 PM 7:30 PM



New Releases

“A feat of intellectual and cinematic elegance.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Academy Award Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film
Before it was nominated for this year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Footnote had already won nine prizes at Israel’s own Academy Awards and been a huge hit at the New York Film Festival. Written and directed by Joseph Cedar (Beaufort, Campfire), it’s a stylish and brilliant—and sometimes audaciously funny—movie about an epic power struggle that erupts between father and son, both of whom teach in the notoriously unbending Talmud department of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.

Official Website / Trailer | Entertainment Weekly review

Joseph Cedar. 2011. 103 m. PG. Israel, Hebrew. Sony Pictures Classics.

2:30 PM 5:10 PM 7:25 PM


The Kid With a Bike

New Releases

“A wholly gripping, emotionally acute work of humanistic cinema.” (Telegraph, London)

Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (Rosetta, L’Enfant) are acclaimed for their intense portrayals of people at the gritty fringes of society. They reveal a more hopeful face in this new drama about a sensitive but uncontrollable 11-year-old and a woman who believes in him. Winner of a raft of festival honors, including the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes and the European Film Award for best screenplay.

Official Website / Trailer | Telegraph review

Jean-Pierre Dardenne/Luc Dardenne. 2011. 87 m. NR. France/Italy/Belgium, French with subtitles. IFC/Sundance Selects.

2:45 PM 5:00 PM


Blissfully Yours

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

AW: “During the early 2000s there were several historical epics about Thailand and Burma. They were pure propaganda, filled with prejudice. I made this to learn more about outsiders, escape, and happiness. I think my subsequent films continue in this vein.”

A heady and sensual story in which a leisurely road trip and jungle picnic give way to uninhibited emotion and eroticism.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul. 2002. 125 m. NR. Thailand, Thai. Strand Releasing.

7:15 PM