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Schedule for Wednesday, February 27


The Man from London

Pulp Fictions: The Best Crime Novels on Film

Based on Georges Simenon's L'Homme de Londres

A railwayman witnesses a murder by the port at night and comes away with a suitcase full of cash. Consumed by an inexplicable guilt and being stalked by the killer, he finds himself lost in his town's dark streets. Bela Tarr's atmospheric thriller plays out with tense deliberation.

Béla Tarr. 2007. 139 m. NR. France/Germany/Hungary, in French/English, with subtitles. IFC Films.

2:00 PM 4:50 PM



New Releases

"A masterpiece about life, death and everything in between, Michael Haneke’s Amour takes a long, hard, tender look at an elderly French couple, Georges and Anne — played by two titans of French cinema, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva — in their final days." ( Manohla Dargis, NY Times)

Oscar Winner–– Best Foriegn Film! The latest from modern master Michael Haneke (The White Ribbon), Amour is a deeply moving but deceptively simple film about love in the face of mortality. Starring screen legends Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva as an elderly couple dealing with life after a stroke, this Palme d'Or and Oscar winner is easily an instant classic.

Official Website / Trailer | NY Times review

Michael Haneke. 2012. 127 m. PG-13. France/Germany/Austria, French. Sony Pictures Classics.

2:05 PM 4:35 PM


The Gatekeepers

New Releases

"It is guaranteed to trouble any one, left, right, center or head in the sand, with confidence or certainly in his or her own opinions. If you need reassurance or grounds for optimism about the Middle East, you will not find it here. What you will find is rare, welcome and almost unbearable clarity." (A.O. Scott, NY Times)

Academy Award Nominee for Documentary Feature

For the first time ever, six former heads of the Shin Bet, Israel's secret service agency, agree to share their insights and reflect publicly on their actions and decisions. Filmmaker Dror Moreh gets candid answers from a notoriously secretive group of men, the final result-- a fasicinating and penetrating look at five decades of Israeli history.

Official Website / Trailer | NY Times review

Dror Moreh. 2013. 97 m. PG-13. France/Germany/Israel/Belgium, English/Hebrew. Sony Pictures Classics.

2:35 PM 5:10 PM 7:20 PM



Special Events

Arrowsmith, based on the Sinclair Lewis novel, is a 1931 film directed by Academy Award winner John Ford (The Searchers, Stagecoach, The Grapes of Wrath) and starring Academy Award winners Ronald Colman (A Double Life) and Helen Hayes. Colman plays Martin Arrowsmith, a young country doctor who turns away from clinical practice to work in research. After an outbreak of bubonic plague in the West Indies, Arrowsmith travels to a Caribbean island to help the local scientists, but soon faces major ethical dilemmas. The film is considered to be one of the first Hollywood films to portray blacks as physicians and scientists and is often showed to medical students due to its accurate portrayal of the major issues young doctors face when pursuing careers in medicine.  

Q&A Edward C. Halperin M.D., M.A., Chancellor for Health Affairs and Chief Executive Officer
New York Medical College

John Ford. 1931. 108 m. NR. USA, English/Italian/Swedish. Park Circus.

7:15 PM


The Thin Man

Pulp Fictions: The Best Crime Novels on Film

Based on Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man

A wealthy heiress is found dead, and oh, who cares? The plot's pretty standard: The real appeal of this classic is the chemistry between socialite sleuths Nick and Nora Charles, whether they're playfully trading one-liners, coolly staring down gun barrels, or coyly inviting the suspects to a dinner in a climax that's half suspense and half slapstick.

W.S. Van Dyke. 1934. 91 m. NR. US. Warner Bros.

7:40 PM