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Schedule for Monday, March 11



New Releases

"...a stinging, brutally funny satire of modern politics from Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain that ads up to lesson on how to defeat a despot with a Smile button." (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

Academy Award Nominee- Best Foreign Language Film

When controversial military dictator Augusto Pinochet's permanence of power is put up to a vote of "yes" or "no", opposition leaders hire a young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), to spearhead their campaign. With scant resources and under scrutiny by the despot's minions, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and set Chile free.

Official Website / Trailer | Rolling Stone review

Pablo Larrain. 2013. 115 m. R. Chile, Spanish with subtitles. Sony Pictures Classics.

2:20 PM 5:00 PM 7:35 PM


Le Grand Amour

Discovering the Comic Genius of Pierre Etaix

The delightfully bizarre story of a married man who falls in love and starts to dream.
The NY Times
says it "has a directness and comic purity that a child would enjoy….Sprinkled throughout, though, are involved passages that spin gloriously, surrealistically, off the narrative rails.”

played with

Happy Anniversary: This Oscar winner (Best Short Subject) is crammed with all manner of things that get in the way of that special dinner. • 1962. 12 m. NR. France, in French with subtitles. Janus Films.

Pierre Etaix. 1969. 87 m. NR. France, French with subtitles. Janus Films.

2:30 PM 5:10 PM


The Gatekeepers

New Releases

"It is guaranteed to trouble any one, left, right, center or head in the sand, with confidence or certainly in his or her own opinions. If you need reassurance or grounds for optimism about the Middle East, you will not find it here. What you will find is rare, welcome and almost unbearable clarity." (A.O. Scott, NY Times)

Academy Award Nominee for Documentary Feature

For the first time ever, six former heads of the Shin Bet, Israel's secret service agency, agree to share their insights and reflect publicly on their actions and decisions. Filmmaker Dror Moreh gets candid answers from a notoriously secretive group of men, the final result-- a fasicinating and penetrating look at five decades of Israeli history.

Official Website / Trailer | NY Times review

Dror Moreh. 2013. 97 m. PG-13. France/Germany/Israel/Belgium, English/Hebrew. Sony Pictures Classics.

2:40 PM 7:40 PM


Six Points About Emma

Special Events

This spirited, intelligent new film is getting raves wherever it’s shown. It’s about Emma, a stunning, magnetic, and self-confident young woman who is blind but believes she can see everything very clearly. Determined to become a mother, she’s on a hunt for the perfect sperm, vowing not to fall in love or get emotionally involved. Sounds simple, but she soon finds out that her blindness affects more than just her eyesight.

Q&A w/ filmmaker Roberto Perez Toledo

A selection from ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival. ReelAbilities is dedicated to promoting awareness of and appreciation for the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with disabilities.

Official Website / Trailer

Roberto Perez Toledo. 2012. 90 m. NR. Spain, Spanish with subtitles. N/A.

7:30 PM

 Q&A w/filmmaker Roberto Perez Toledo