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Schedule for Thursday, April 4


Hava Nagila (The Movie)

New Releases

A lively romp through the history, mystery, and meaning of the ubiquitous Jewish party tune with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, and Regina Spektor. This exuberant, surprisingly fascinating film follows the song from Eastern Europe to the American suburbs, tapping into universal themes about the importance of joy, the power of music, and the resilient spirit of a people.

Official Website / Trailer

Roberta Grossman. 2012. 73 m. NR. Israel/Ukraine/USA. International Film Circuit.

2:00 PM 3:45 PM Cancelled


Gimme the Loot

New Releases

“Plays so naturally that it feels spontaneous, even during passages so clever they could make Quentin Tarantino jealous.” (Variety)

A brilliantly sharp, funny, and idiosyncratic urban adventure about NYC’s ultimate graffiti writers. Gimme the Loot won Best Narrative Feature at the SXSW Film Festival last year and was lauded at Cannes—where it was one of only two US films in competition. Filmmaker Adam Leon is clearly on the way up!

Adam Leon. 2013. 81 m. NR. USA. IFC Films.

2:10 PM 4:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 PM


Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene

Westchester Jewish Film Festival 2013

Welcome to the cabaret scene in Berlin’s Weimar Republic. With actor Ulrich Tukur (The White Ribbon) as the host, this extraordinary immersive experience—an assemblage of performances, news clippings, documentary footage, home movies, photographs, paintings, and drawings—captures the subversive decadence of the artists who would soon be expelled from German cultural life. Winner of the Yad Vashem Director's Award for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust-related film at the 2010 Jerusalem Film Festival.

Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir. 2010. 70 m. NR. France/Germany, German with subtitles. ARTE Productions.

2:30 PM



New Releases

"...a stinging, brutally funny satire of modern politics from Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain that ads up to lesson on how to defeat a despot with a Smile button." (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

Academy Award Nominee- Best Foreign Language Film

When controversial military dictator Augusto Pinochet's permanence of power is put up to a vote of "yes" or "no", opposition leaders hire a young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), to spearhead their campaign. With scant resources and under scrutiny by the despot's minions, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and set Chile free.

Official Website / Trailer | Rolling Stone review

Pablo Larrain. 2013. 115 m. R. Chile, Spanish with subtitles. Sony Pictures Classics.

3:45 PM 5:30 PM Cancelled 7:55 PM Cancelled



Westchester Jewish Film Festival 2013

This candid, colorful film is a tribute to the quintessential New Yorker, former Mayor Ed Koch, portraying him with all his charisma and hilarious bluntness. Koch ruled New York from 1978 to 1989—a decade of nonstop grit, graffiti, near-bankruptcy, disease, corruption, and crime. Koch thrillingly chronicles the personal and political story of running the world’s most wondrous city in a time of upheaval and reinvention.

Official Website / Trailer

Neil Barsky. 2012. 95 m. NR. USA. Zeitgeist Films.

5:00 PM


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Special Events

Join Jonathan Demme and Jason Segel for a fun-filled screening of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the Judd Apatow produced comedy that made Segel a household name. Written by and starring Segel, the film centers on a struggling musician whose girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), dumps him for a rock star (played by a scene-stealing Russell Brand). After the screening, Segel will discuss the film, and his career since, with filmmaker Jonathan Demme.

Q&A filmmaker/actor Jason Segel with Jonathan Demme

Nicholas Stoller. 2008. 111 m. R. USA. Universal Pictures.

7:00 PM

 Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)


Joe Papp in Five Acts

Westchester Jewish Film Festival 2013

The legendary New York theatrical director/producer Joe Papp was the man behind Shakespeare in the Park, the Public Theater, and Hair, A Chorus Line, and other Broadway successes. Including frank testimonials from Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, and many others, this superb documentary, many years in the making, explores the issues Papp championed—freedom of expression, democracy in the arts—through the lens of his tumultuous life.

Q&A April 4, 7:30: filmmakers Tracie Holder and Karen Thorsen with JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman

Official Website / Trailer

Tracie Holder/Karen Thorsen. 2012. 84 m. NR. USA.

7:30 PM

 Q&A w/Co-producer/Co-Director Karen Thorson, filmmakers Tracie Holder & Karen Thorson, and JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman