Westchester Jewish Film Festival 2013

We’re thrilled to introduce the 2013 edition of the Westchester Jewish Film Festival, with 35 programs that celebrate the diversity of the Jewish experience. As we immersed ourselves in selecting this crop of first-rate documentaries and dramas, a theme arose: the Jewish influence on art, music, and the performing arts, from the shtetl to Broadway. So along with 14 lively discussions, this year we present six live performances— including singers, dancers, and the comedian David Steinberg, with his new stand-up show. This promises to be an extraordinary three weeks.

Froma and Andrew Benerofe
Emily and Richard Cohen
Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow
Hon. Nita and Stephen Lowey
Harriet and Leonard Schleifer
Elisabeth and Gary Schonfeld
Unger Family

At-a-Glance calendar of the series and alphabetical list of films

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