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A Year in Champagne

"Wine & Film: The Perfect Pairing" A Year in Champagne entertainingly guides viewers through the winemaking process and behind the scenes to hear from the vintners who put the magic in the bottle.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Renowned wine importer Martine Saunier is our guide on this tour of the Champagne region in northern France. We visit six houses—from small independent producers to the illustrious Bollinger—meeting champion Champagne masters and hard-working family teams as they triumphantly coax the ultimate drink of joy, seduction, and celebration out of a cold, tough land with a grim history. You’ll enjoy the intoxicating story behind the world’s most famous wine.  

Followed by a wine reception.

David Kennard. 2014. 82 m. NR. France/USA . Samuel Goldwyn.

Wed. May 27  7:30 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $20 (nonmembers)

Quincy Jones Presents: Justin Kauflin Trio

"Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera 2015"

Film and Live Performance. Keep On Keepin’ On centers on trumpet legend Clark Terry, who at 89 looks back on an eventful life in jazz. One of the few musicians to play with both Count Basie and Duke Ellington, he was also Quincy Jones’ first teacher, mentor to Miles Davis, and the staff musician who broke the color barrier at NBC on the “Tonight Show.” This is a privileged view of the master teacher as he coaxes the best out of his protégé Justin Kauflin, a gifted young pianist who lost his sight at age 11. • Al Hicks. 2014. 86 m. NR. US. RADiUS-TWC.

PERFORMANCE The Justin Kauflin Trio performs live on the JBFC stage. The group is currently on tour with the release of Dedication, a tribute to the many musicians and teachers—including the late Clark Terry—who influenced Kauflin and led him to develop “a voice all his own...mature, distinct and confident”(Downbeat). 

n/a. NR. .

Thurs. May 28  7:15 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $20 (nonmembers)

The Spy Who Came Into the Burns: An Evening with Jason Matthews

“Fans of the genre’s masters, including John le Carré and Ian Fleming, will happily embrace Matthews’s central spy.” (USA Today)

Based on true-life experiences from his 33-year career in the CIA and set against current international events, Palace of Treason, t
he latest book from spy-turned-novelist Jason Matthews crackles with authenticity, realism, and intrigue. Matthews is a retired officer of the CIA’s former Directorate of Operations (now the National Clandestine Service), the arm of the CIA tasked with recruiting foreign spies and gathering intelligence. His debut novel, Red Sparrow was an instant national bestseller and won an Edgar Award for Best First Novel. 

Film: The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. Martin Ritt’s faithful adaptation of the acclaimed novel from another spy-turned-novelist, John le Carré. Richard Burton gives one of his best performances in this edgy Cold War era thriller. Martin Ritt. 1965. 113 m.

Q&A Jason Matthews and  Bob Minzesheimer, a freelance writer who works at The Village Bookstore, is a former book critic for USA Today and former president of the Ossining Public Library's Board of Trustees. Copies of Palace of Treason, the latest from Jason Matthews, will be available for purchase after the event. 

n/a. NR. .

Mon. June 1  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members) $12 (nonmembers)

Afro-Cuban Jazz and Beyond with the Ignacio Berroa Quintet

"Jazz Sessions: The Greats on Camera 2015" Dizzy Gillespie called Berroa, a third-generation musician, “the only Latin drummer...in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds: his native Afro-Cuban music as well as jazz.”

Grammy–award-winning drummer Ignacio Berroa delivers a vibrant video presentation on the legacy of Afro-Cuban music, as only he can. Incorporating anecdotes from his own life, Berroa brings his musical story to pulsating life.

PERFORMANCE The Ignacio Berroa Quintet will play an hour-long concert featuring the rhythms of the Afro-Cuban legacy. 

n/a. NR. .

Thurs. June 4  7:15 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $20 (nonmembers)

Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence

"The Meditative Life"

“An elegant and enlightening portrait.” (Spirituality and Practice)

Renowned theologian and author of more than 30 books, Father Thomas Keating is one of today’s most influential spiritual leaders, widely recognized for his ecumenical approach to spirituality. As a rabbi notes, “He is using Catholic doctrine to speak universally.” This soulful, enlightening documentary interweaves conversations with Father Thomas, historical footage, and interviews with representatives of other faiths as it traces Father Keating’s spiritual journey.

Q&A filmmaker Peter C. Jones and JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman 

Peter C. Jones. 2014. 75 m. NR. USA .

Thurs. June 4  7:30 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Blake Edwards' The Pink Panther Cartoon Shorts

Family Event! JBFC Programmer Andrew Jupin says, “What I love about the Pink Panther cartoon is that it relied on visual gags, much like old silent comedies. For me, it’s like Charles Chaplin in his prime—with the Tramp as an animated giant pink cat. I’ve selected some of my favorites, which showcase how brilliant this cartoon was.” Eight classic Pink Panther shorts make up this fun program: Academy Award–winner The Pink Phink,
Dial “P” for Pink, Pink Ice, Pink Plunk Plink, PinkfingerSink Pink, We Give Pink Stamps,
and Pink Pajamas.

June 6: KIDS: Come early or stay late for hands-on activities inspired by the cartoon program. These drop-in workshops (12:00-12:45 and 2:00-2:45), upstairs in the Jane Peck Gallery, will be led by JBFC educators. 

JBFC Family Members - use your Family comp passes at the box office for this event!

Friz Freleng & Hawley Pratt. 1964. 60 m. NR. USA . Park Circus.

Sat. June 6  1:00 PM 1
Sun. June 7  1:00 PM 2
1Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers), $7.50 (children under 12)
2Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers), $7.50 (children under 12)

Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man

"Jonathan Demme's Rarely Seen Cinema"

"Perhaps the least known of Bertolucci's features, it is far from the least interesting." (Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader)

The son of the owner of a large Italian cheese factory is kidnapped, but as the factory is on the verge of bankruptcy the owner hatches a plan to use the ransom money as a reinvestment in the factory. A truly rarely seen masterpiece from the legendary director – produced between two more well-known Bertolucci titles, 1900 (1976) and The Last Emperor (1987) – Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man is a must-see film for not only fans of Italian cinema, but the medium on the whole. Screening from a 35mm print courtesy of Luce-Cinecitta.

Q&A host Jonathan Demme

Bernardo Bertolucci. 1981. 116 m. PG. Italy , Italian with subtitles. Swank Releasing.

Sun. June 7  5:00 PM
Tickets: $9 (members), $14 (nonmembers)

Death by Shorts with Programming Director Brian Ackerman

"The Meditative Life"

Limited Tickets Available! “I’ve wanted to do this program for a while, ever since I happened upon some shorts that made me think, and think deeply. They are fascinating films that—without actually being overtly Buddhist—somehow have a hint of acceptance at their core. I’m partly wondering about how we think about aging in our culture, and partly wondering if there aren’t other ways to approach the inevitable. And maybe if there isn’t something really profound and valuable—in a positive, life-affirming way—about looking deeply into it. It’s probably the most taboo subject in our lives—so surely we must have interesting things to say about it, interesting stories to tell, interesting ideas to relate. I’ve limited it to 35 participants because I’d like it to be an intimate conversation with people who have something to share, and, most of all, are open to all that comes our way.”

Various Directors. 90 m. .

Mon. June 8  7:30 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Confronting Injustice with Bryan Stevenson

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“Bryan Stevenson is America’s young Nelson Mandela, a brilliant lawyer fighting with courage and conviction to guarantee justice for all.”(Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

Film, Discussion, and Reception. As the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, renowned public-interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson has assisted in securing relief for dozens of condemned prisoners, advocated for the poor, and developed community-based reform litigation aimed at improving the administration of criminal justice. Stevenson’s tireless fight against poverty and his work challenging racial discrimination within the criminal justice system has won him national acclaim, including the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship Award Prize and the ACLU National Medal of Liberty. FILM: A rarely-seen hour-long documentary from 1968 featuring a prominent civil rights leader as he organizes a campaign to seek economic justice for poor Americans. 

Q&A Bryan Stevenson with Jonathan Demme. Copies of Stevenson's award-winning book, Just Mercy, will be available for purchase during a reception in the Jane Peck Gallery.

n/a. 2015. 90 m. NR. .

Wed. June 10  7:00 PM
Tickets: $15 (members) $20 (nonmembers)

The Search for Freedom

“A powerful and revealing story that captivates imaginations and leaves the door open to what the pursuit of freedom means to you.”   (Grind TV)

The Search for Freedom is a story told through the eyes of a group of people who helped create a global phenomenon. It is about the freedom that is accessible to everyone; the kind of freedom that comes from living in the moment and doing what makes us feel the most alive. This documentary, written and directed by Jon Long (IMAX® Extreme), is about the infinite possibilities available to anyone willing to drop in and take a chance. It’s a visceral, visual experience, delivered on the Big Screen via some of the brightest pioneers, legends, visionaries, and champions of surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking, and more. The stunning footage captured for this film is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Jon Long. 2014. 92 m. NR. USA . Abramorama.

Official Website / Trailer | Newport Beach Independent Review

Wed. June 10  7:45 PM
Tickets: $7(members), $12 (nonmembers)

The Prep School Negro

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

"Through an exploration of his own travails, and some interface with current prep school attendees, Lee illustrates how an underprivileged student in one of these schools can find himself straddling two different worlds and the strains that can put on a young person’s psyche." (Salon)

When filmmaker André Robert Lee was 14 years old, he received a full scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. In The Prep School Negro, Lee revisits the events of his adolescence and spends time with present-day prep school students to see how much has really changed inside the ivory tower. What he discovers is the poignant and unapologetic truth about who really pays the consequences for yesterday’s accelerated desegregation and today’s racial naiveté. 

Q&A filmmaker André Robert Lee

André Robert Lee. 2012. 52 m. NR. USA .

Salon.com review

Thurs. June 11  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Indian Point

“[A] cautionary tale about a technology once seen as an abundant and non-polluting energy source, but with downsides that could make oil spills and electrical brownouts seem as minor as a fender bender.” (The Daily Beast)

Featuring interviews with activists, environmentalists, energy company executives, and unprecedented access to the plant and its employees, filmmaker Ivy Meeropol creates a complex portrait of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, an aging facility with over 50 million people living in close proximity. 

Q&A filmmaker Ivy Meeropol, journalist Roger Witherspoon, activist Marilyn Elie, and Greg Jaczko, former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with JBFC Programming Director Brian Ackerman. After the discussion, please join us in the Jane Peck Gallery for a reception.

Community Matters is an ongoing series dedicated to generating discussion and activism around topics that affect us locally, including health, environment, education, housing, and energy. 


Ivy Meeropol. 2015. 94 m. NR. . Motto Pictures.

Thurs. June 11  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

The Education of Sonny Carson

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

"... [T]his film possesses very real beauty and power. It is rich with the language of the streets...pulsating in its documentation of the tribal rhythms of the gangs, hideous in its depiction of police and prison brutality, chilling in its revelation of the devastation wreaked by heroin.” (New York Times)

Based on the popular autobiography of the controversial activist, The Education of Sonny Carson chronicles Carson's coming of age in Bed-Stuy, and his early life as a member of the Brooklyn gang, the Bishops. The film has influenced many black artists and musicians including Lauryn Hilll, Common, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan who have all sampled the dialogue in their music. The creators and producers of Vh1 Hip Hop Honors, Fab 5 Freddy and Nelson George, will join us after the screening to discuss Sonny Carson, the early days of hip-hop, and all things Brooklyn.

Reel Talk with Fab 5 Freddy and Nelson George. An author, filmmaker, producer, and critic, Nelson George has spent his career analyzing and presenting the diverse elements of African-American culture. His film credits include: Finding the FunkGood HairBrooklyn Boheme, and A Ballerina's TaleFred Brathwaite, more popularly known as Fab 5 Freddy, is an American hip-hop pioneer, visual artist, filmmaker, and the first host of Yo! MTV Raps. Recently, his art was featured in the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art exhibition, “Art In The Streets,” a historical survey on graffiti and street art. 

Michael Campus. 1974. 104 m. R. USA . Swank Releasing.

Sat. June 13  3:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

The Landlord

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“You whities scream about miscegenation and you done watered down every race you ever hated.” (The Landlord

More than forty years before hipsters lamented the corporatization of Williamsburg and debated the merits of Bushwick vs. Crown Heights, The Landlord tackled the subject of gentrification in Brooklyn. This incredibly funny, smart, and insightful film marked the directorial debut of Hal Ashby and stars Beau Bridges as the young unwitting landlord of a Park Slope tenement building set on evicting his low-income, mostly black tenants, in order to build a luxury home for himself. Things don’t work out the way he wants--- to his ultimate happiness. Adapted for the screen by Bill Gunn (Ganja and Hess) and shot by Gordon Willis (KluteGodfather trilogy), The Landlord also stars: Lee Grant, Pearl Bailey, and Louis Gossett, Jr. 

Reel Talk with Mia Mask, Associate Professor of Film at Vassar. Mask is the author of Divas on Screen: Black Women in American Film. Formerly an assistant editor and regular contributor at Cineaste magazine, she has written film reviews and covered festivals for IndieWire.com, The Village VoiceFilm Quarterly, and Time Out New York.

Hal Ashby. 1970. 103 m. USA . Park Circus.

Sat. June 13  7:15 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

The Learning Tree

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

"We live in an age of quick celebrity, where people become famous for not really doing much of anything. Gordon Parks earned everything he ever got. He made countless contributions to art and politics, and through his work and his life was an important agent of social change." (Anderson Cooper)

In 1968 at the age of 55, and already a successful photographer, writer, and composer, Gordon Parks became the first black person to direct a major Hollywood studio film when he helmed The Learning Tree. Based on his semi-autobiography of the same name, Parks' sentimental coming-of-age story of a teen living in rural Kansas during the 1920's is a morality tale for the whole family, and is in sharp contrast to his next studio effort, Shaft. This screening is rresented in partnership with The Gordon Parks Foundation. 

Exhibition in the Jane Peck Gallery The Gordon Parks Foundation has curated a survey of material related to Parks’ The Learning Tree, that will be on display in the Jane Peck Gallery thru June 14th. To view more of Parks work, visit the Foundation’s new home at 48 Wheeler, for a look at their exhibition, “Gordon Parks: Segregation Story.”

Gordon Parks. 1969. 107 m. USA . Warner Bros.

Sun. June 14  2:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Field Niggas

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“I don’t see other photographers where I shoot, only surveillance cameras. Photography is a therapeutic tool I use to confront my own perception, and challenge my ego. It strengthens my spirit when I see past appearances and approach people who I would’ve otherwise avoided.” (Khalik Allah)

Taking its title from Malcolm X's lecture, Message to the Grassroots, Khalik Allah's Field Niggas is a stunning piece of art, a hauntingly beautiful portrait of the nighttime denizens on the corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. A self-taught artist, Allah's work blends photography with filmmaking and the result is a dynamic, lucid, and vibrant portrait of the poor, the addicted, and the ignored. Official selection: True/False Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Rooftop Films.

Q&A artists Khalik Allah and Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Brathwaite

Khalik Allah. 2014. 60 m. NR. .

Sun. June 14  5:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Treasure: From Tragedy to Transjustice

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

"...[T]ransgender women, especially low-income trans women of color, face an epidemic of violence and murder." (Vice)

Treasure is the story of Shelley "Treasure" Hilliard, a 19-year-old transgender woman of color from Detroit whose brutal murder was not tried as a hate crime. The documentary, as filmmaker dream hampton describes, is more than just a film created in honor of Shelley Hilliard's life and her mother Lyniece Nelson's commitment to justice for the trans community, it is "about projections and perceptions…communities misrepresented and misunderstood.” Film Details: dream hampton. 2015. Approx 60 mins. USA. English.

Played with PassingA short film examining the experiences of racism and sexism through the eyes of three transmen of color. "Just as the modern trans feminine narrative since 1953 has been dominated by the voices and stories of white trans women, the story is unfortunately the same for trans men of color." (TransGriot.com) Film Details: Lucah Rosenberg Lee & J. Mitchel Reed. 2014. 23 min.

Q&A Passing filmmakers J. Mitchel Reed and Lucah Rosenberg Lee

n/a. .

Mon. June 15  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“A dense, organic, dazzling and funny tapestry, making use of varied and subtly colored animation and stop-motion; candid video; playfully verbose direct address; chapters and footnotes and doodles; and suavely chosen music and sonic bridges.” (New York Times)

An extremely imaginative first feature from an incredible visual artist. With arresting insight, vulnerability, and a delightful sense of humor, the film documents the relationship between Terence (played by Nance) and a lovely young woman (Namik Minter). Oversimplification blurs the line between narrative, documentary, and experimental film as it explores Terence's fantasies, emotions, and memories. Produced by Jay-Z, dream hampton, Hank Willis Thomas, and Wyatt Cenac. Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival 2012.

Q&A filmmaker Terence Nance with Chioke Nassor. An artist, performer, and musician, Nance was selected by Filmmaker magazine as one of the 25 new faces of independent film. Oversimplification also won the 2012 Gotham Award for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You.” Chioke Nassor is a writer/director for film and television. He is currently writing and directing for Late Night with Seth Meyers and his feature film How to Follow Strangers (starring Ilana Glazer of Broad City) was recently released by Film Buff.

Terence Nance. 2012. 95 m. NR. USA . Variance Films.

Official Website / Trailer

Tues. June 16  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

3 1/2 Minutes

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“A harrowing exploration of criminal justice gone awry [and] an all-too-timely film that speaks loudly to the current racial climate in America. ” (Indiewire) 

3 1/2 Minutes dissects the 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn in Jacksonville, Florida. The film examines the aftermath of this systemic tragedy, the contradictions within the American criminal justice system, particularly the implications of the "Stand Your Ground" self-defense law, and the racial prejudices that ensued. With intimate access, the film follows the trial of Dunn and its deep impact on Jordan's family and friends. Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival.

Q&A Tanya Clay House, director of the Public Policy Department at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under LawMrs. House works closely with all Committee projects focusing on core issues such as education, voting rights, employment discrimination, fair housing, affirmative action, criminal justice, immigration and other racial diversity issues. Mrs. House is a member of the board of directors of the National Bar Association and is chair of the Civil Rights Law Section.  

Marc Silver. 2015. 85 m. NR. USA . Strand Releasing.

Wed. June 17  7:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

What Happened, Miss Simone?

"Remix: The Modern Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art"

“... [H]eard again today, songs like the fiery “Mississippi Goddam” and the hopeful “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” sound as urgent as if they’d been written only yesterday, and they carry Simone’s voice forward into another era of black struggle in America.” (Variety)

This epic documentary of legendary recording artist, civil rights activist, and one-time Mount Vernon resident Nina Simone uses rare concert footage and her most memorable songs, along with diaries, letters, and interviews with Nina’s daughter, friends, and collaborators, to tell the story of this beloved singer and black power icon. Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus creates an unforgettable portrait of this iconic artist.

Liz Garbus. 2015. 102 m. NR. USA . Netflix.

Thurs. June 18  7:30 PM
Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

"Deadly SINema"

A sequence of scenes—absurdly real and surreal—is centered around six friends and their repeatedly interrupted attempts to sit down and eat together. Winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar, it’s a sublimely entertaining satire, Buñuel style.

Q&A Jack Algiere, Four Season Farm Director at Stone Barns, and Emilie Clark, whose one-person installation at the Katonah Museum of Art, “The Delicacy of Decomposition” (opening July 12), addresses the sin of gluttony with an eye to consumption and food waste. Peter Scherer, Pleasantville Mayor and Principal, H Plus graphic design firm, will moderate. JBFC MEMBERS: Show your card for FREE admission to the exhibition.

Luis Buñuel. 1972. 102 m. PG. France , French/Spanish. Rialto Pictures.

Tues. June 23  7:30 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

The Garden of Earthly Delights

"Deadly SINema"

A passionate love affair is fanned by an obsession with Hieronymus Bosch’s painting of lustful encounters, in this sizzling exploration of physical love and emotional discovery. Set in Venice and made by artist and filmmaker Lech Majewski (The Mill and the Cross). 

with The Garden of Earthly Delights. Stan Brakhage said he made this collage film, created without a camera, because “I was very annoyed with Hieronymus Bosch’s painting of the same name.” • 1981. 2 m. NR. US. Silent.

Q&A Livia Straus, Director of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill with art historian Marcy B. Freedman Livia Straus is the curator of the HVCCA exhibition “Seven Deadly Sins: Lust” (through July 26) featuring work by Larry Clark, Cathy Opie, Matthew Barney, and others. Marcy B. Freedman is an artist and art historian whose areas of expertise are video and performance art.

Lech Majewski. 2004. 103 m. NR. Italy/Poland/UK . International Film Circuit.

Wed. June 24  7:30 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

Into the Woods

"Deadly SINema"

This adaptation of the Sondheim musical tells the story of a witch (Meryl Streep) who puts a curse on a childless baker and his wife (James Corden and Emily Blunt) that can be undone only if they procure magical items from classic Grimm fairy tales.

Q&A Hudson River Museum curator Bartholomew Bland and multimedia artist Adrien Broom talk about the film and Broom’s installation “Envy,” on view at the HRM June 6–Sept. 26. JBFC MEMBERS: Show your card for FREE admission to the exhibition.

Rob Marshall. 2014. 125 m. PG. USA . Walt Disney Pictures.

Thurs. June 25  7:15 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

The Gold Rush

"Deadly SINema"

Fun for the Whole Family! The classic Charlie Chaplin comedy about a prospector’s search for gold in the Klondike, which forever cemented the iconic status of the Little Tramp character. In a newly restored print that includes Chaplin’s original music.

CONTEST: Pay close attention to the slideshow before the film starts! The nuggets of information hidden there could win you golden treasure in a contest after the movie.

JBFC Family Members - use your Family comp passes at the box office for this event!

Charlie Chaplin. 1925. 88 m. NR. USA , Silent with music. Janus Films.

Sat. June 27  3:00 PM
Tickets: $7 (members), $12 (nonmembers), $7.50 (children under 12)

Fabergé: A Life of Its Own

"Frameworks: Art on Film"

Fabergé: A Life of Its Own tells the epic story of the Fabergé name, from Imperial Russia through present-day, spanning one hundred and fifty years of turbulent history, romance, artistic development, and commercial exploitation. From the bejeweled Easter eggs of the Romanov Tsarinas, to the 1970s allure of 'Brut by Fabergé' aftershave, the film explores a multi-faceted world that began with one man: the prodigiously talented Peter Carl Fabergé, Court Jeweler of St. Petersburg. Shot at locations across Russia, Europe, and the USA -- including the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- the film features interview contributions from the world's foremost Fabergé authorities, as well as personal reminiscences from members of the Fabergé family.

Patrick Mark. 2014. 87 m. NR. Various Countries . Arts Alliance.

Official Website / Trailer

Mon. June 29  2:00 PM
Tickets: $15 (members), $20 (nonmembers)